Quick Tips for iPhone and Android Note-taking

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Ever had an idea or important thought that you needed record while you’re on the go? You might not want to take the time to unlock your phone, launch a note-taking app, and type it out before your thought disappears. Here are a couple of essential tips for quick and easy note-taking on both iOS and Android phones.

If you have an Android phone: On an Android device, you can enable Google Now to work right from the lock screen in Settings. Then just say “OK Google” and “Note to self” to record your thoughts and save them to any note app. You can also enable widgets on the lock screen and download Google Keep or another widget to type out or speak notes on.

If you have an iPhone: On an iOS device, you can always ask Siri to take down notes for you, even without unlocking your phone. Record and save ideas into the Notes app at any time by holding down the home button and saying “Note to self.” If Siri isn’t transcribing your speech correctly, you can also quickly record a video of yourself speaking by swiping up from the Camera icon on the lock screen.


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